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Borderland Pride recognized with Ontario Historical Society award

Russell K. Cooper Award for Public Programming Recognizes Borderland Pride

For immediate release from the Ontario Historical Society

The Ontario Historical Society (OHS) Honours and Awards Committee is pleased to present the 2022-23 Russell K. Cooper Public Programming Award to Borderland Pride for the installation of an Ontario Heritage Trust plaque and a series of museum posters recognizing Dianna Boileau’s place in Canadian history, as well as the development and delivery of programming regarding the history of Dianna Boileau, one of the first Canadians to receive gender-affirming surgery. The Russell K. Cooper Public Programming Award Recognizes a programming initiative that has brought greater public awareness to an aspect of Ontario’s history in the past three years.

Dianna Boileau was the first Canadian to receive gender-affirming surgery. She received support navigating the uncharted medical landscape from physician Dr. Challis in Fort Frances. Dianna's ground-breaking autobiography (Behold, I Am a Woman) provided a public face for transition when few existed. Her courage and conviction brought awareness to transgender rights and medical transition.

The programming also includes a podcast, Behold Dianna; a limited-series podcast produced by Borderland Pride for the 2021 Trans Day of Visibility. It is fantastic to see 2SLGBTQIA+ history be represented and showcased in such comprehensive projects that further our historical knowledge for the good of all. As such, the Honours and Awards Committee congratulates Borderland Pride.

Founded in 1888, the OHS is a not-for-profit corporation and registered charity dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Ontario’s history for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. To learn more about the OHS’s Honours and Awards Program, or to submit a nomination, please click here or contact the OHS by telephone or e-mail.

The OHS media release with links to related to content can be downloaded here.


For further information, please contact:

Ontario Historical Society

Phone: 416-226-9011

Borderland Pride



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